Engineering Permits

Encroachment Permits

An encroachment permit is required whenever construction or temporary storage is being conducted in the public right-of-way. And repairs to the public sewer, such as private lateral connections, require encroachment permits.

Encroachment Permit
Encroachment Permit Refund Request

Grading Permits

A grading permit is needed if earth is being moved on-site and the work is not covered under a building permit.

Grading Plan Submittals

Sanitation Permits

A sanitation permit is required when connecting to the public sewer. Repairs to the public sewer, such as private lateral connections, require encroachment permits.

Sewer Permit
Sewer EDU Assignments - Ordinance 458

Transportation Permit

Transportation Permit 


Before excavating please call 811 for DigAlert - Underground Service Alert of Southern California. Excavators’ permits are not valid until they have contracted DigAlert by calling 811, or creating an online ticket at least two (2) full working days before they begin their excavation to get an inquiry identification number.

Construction Environmental Regulations

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Many of the materials generated from your construction or renovation project can be recycled.  Ensuring you recycle at 65% of your waste is easy when you use EDCO to order and manage roll-off boxes and dumpsters. 

Please note: You must use EDCO, Inc roll-off boxes for all construction projects within the City of Solana Beach. If, for some reason, EDCO, Inc cannot provide roll-off boxes for your construction project, you must provide verification of the reason(s) and the name of the roll-off provider. EDCO San Marcos Recycling Center can be reached at (760) 744-2700.

A copy of your WMP and receipts (tickets) for all recycling and disposal shall be submitted before your project can receive final Building approval.  For Demolition Permits, the receipts for the demolition waste should be provided before the first footing inspection after the building permit has been issued.

Detailed information about C&D regulations can be found in Section 6.36 of the Solana Beach Municipal Code.  If you have any questions about the City’s C & D Recycling Ordinance or how to fill out this form, please call (858) 720-2470.  

C&D Waste Management Plan Form & Information

Storm Water Regulations

Construction sites have been identified as a large contributor to urban runoff pollution if the proper pollution prevention practices are not regularly performed. Sediments, trash, fertilizers, concrete wastes, wash water, hazardous chemicals, sanitary and septic waste and equipment fluids are a few of the many contaminants that construction sites may contribute to urban runoff. Due to this high potential for urban runoff pollution, all construction sites are required to implement pollution prevention Best Management Practices (BMPs). Additionally, sites over one acre are required to obtain storm water permits from the State Water Resources Control Board. 

The following documents provide more information and forms to assist contractors/developers in complying with storm water regulations: