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City Hall - Main Office

General Contact & Location

Front Desk: (858) 720-2400

Address: 635 S. Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Hours of Operation

City Hall's Hours of Operation is as follows:

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Every Other Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Closed alternate Fridays
  • Closed on Observed Holidays

City Hall Hours of Operation Calendar

Please view the City Hall Hours of Operation page for more information.

For more information on the City's Service Counters, please visit the City Hall Service Counters page.


To Report a Problem 

My Community App

The My Community App is a cloud-based mobile platform that allows residents and visitors to report location-specific concerns such as potholes, graffiti, or illegal construction activity from their smartphone or tablet. Issues such as these that are reported through the My Community App will be assigned to appropriate City Staff based on the specific complaint type, and residents and visitors will be able to follow up on the progress of the corrective action.

In addition to submitting citizen complaints and reporting issues for remediation, the My Community App allows residents and visitors to access the City’s E-blast news feed, event calendar, parks and public facilities information, and other useful contact information to supplement the City’s website.

The City of Solana Beach My Community App is available in the iTunes Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android) for download by searching “City of Solana Beach.”

Code Complaint Forms

If you have a complaint about an issue you have observed in the City, you must submit a signed citizen's complaint form before our Code Compliance officer can investigate the complaint. All complaints filed with the City are confidential. Please make sure to include your name, address and phone number on the complaint form so that Code Compliance Staff can contact you if they have any questions.

You may obtain a copy of the Complaint Form below, or by visiting the City of Solana Beach City Hall.

Complaint Form

Complaint Form - Spanish

Sherriff's Non-Emergency Report

Go to our homepage to submit a non-emergency report.  Or you may call the North Coastal non-emergency line (760) 966-3500.


Staff Directory by Department

City Clerk

Angela Ivey
City Clerk
(858) 720-2425 

Megan Bavin
Deputy City Clerk
(858) 720-2428

Gaby Zoquiapa
Management Assistant
(858) 720-2400

City Council

Lesa Heebner
(858) 720-2495

David A. Zito
Councilmember District 1
(858) 720-4491

Jewel Edson
Councilmember District 3
(858) 720-4493

Kristi Becker 
Councilmember District 2
(858) 720-2499

Jill MacDonald
Councilmember District 4
(858) 720-2498 

City Manager

Alyssa Muto
City Manager
(858) 720-2431

Dan King
Assistant City Manager
(858) 720-2477

Amy Williams
Executive Assistant to the City Manager and City Council
(858) 720-2431

Johanna Canlas
City Attorney
(858) 720-2432

Nicole Grucky
Senior Management Analyst - Environmental Sustainability
(858) 720-2467

Code Compliance

Daniel Welte
Senior Code Compliance Officer
(858) 720-2403

Cecilio Canseco
Code Compliance Officer
(858) 720-2412

Community Development

Joseph Lim
Community Development Director
(858) 720-2434

Corey Andrews
Principal Planner 
(858) 720-2447

Katie Benson
Senior Planner
(858) 720-2448

Tiffany Wade
Associate Planner
(858) 720-2442

John Delmer
Assistant Planner
(858) 720-2445

Natalie Schiefferly
Junior Planner
(858) 720-2441

Lauren Yim
Permit Technician
(858) 720-4450

Building Inspector
(858) 720-4451

Community Services 

Kayla Moshki
Management Analyst
(858) 720-2438

Kirk Wenger
Parks and Recreation Manager
(858) 793-2564

Dylan Rossi
Recreation Programs Coordinator
(858) 720-2454

Engineering/Public Works

Mo Sammak
City Engineer
(858) 720-2470

Dan Goldberg
Principal Engineer
(858) 720-2474

Jim Greenstein
Senior Civil Engineer
(858) 720-2470

Anda Wright
Assistant Civil Engineer
(858) 720-2478

Aria Asgharzadeh
Assistant Civil Engineer
(858) 720-2487

Joshua Blea
Associate Management Analyst
(858) 793-8796

General Department Information
(858) 720-2470

Luis Carillo
Public Works Supervisor
(858) 720-2481

Danny Hernandez
Lead Maintenance Worker
(858) 720-2479

Abel Perez
Lead Maintenance Worker
(858) 720-2480

Jose Garcia
Maintenance Worker I
(858) 793-8796

Arturo Zermeno
Maintenance Worker I


Rachel Jacobs
Finance Director/City Treasurer
(858) 720-2463

Kristine Pratt
Senior Accountant
(858) 720-2461

Jill Thayer
(858) 720-2421

Amanda Sither
Fiscal Services Specialist I
(858) 720-2465

Sophia Francisdaky
Administrative Assistant
(858) 720-2462

Human Resources

Pouneh Sammak
Human Resources Director
(858) 720-2451

Janet Burke
Principal HR Analyst
(858) 720-2458

Kyle Koszewnik
Risk Manager
(858) 720-2462

Information Technology

Michael Manriquez
IT Director
(858) 720-2404

Scott Sampaio
Systems Engineer
(858) 720-2401

Bonnie Frieden
IT Assistant Help Desk
(858) 720-4410

Public Safety

Josh Gordon
Fire Chief
(760) 633-2801

Hans Schmidt
Fire Marshal
(760) 633-2823

Greg Uruburu
Marine Safety Lieutenant
(858) 720-4444

Rob McPhee
Marine Safety Sergeant
(858) 720-4444

Joey Pennell
Marine Safety Sergeant

Evan Mason
Marine Safety Sergeant

Patricia Letts
Administrative Assistant III
(858) 720-2407