City Hall Gallery Program

Located inside City Hall at 635 South Highway 101, this is an intimate gallery that hosts a new artist's exhibition each month. The shows have included everything from watercolors and photographs to recycled metal sculpture, children's art, and painted surfboards. The City Hall Gallery is open to the public during regular business hours, as well as during special events and receptions to view the art and meet the artists.  

For more information about the City Hall Gallery Program or to schedule an exhibit, please contact Kayla Moshki at (858) 720-2438 or

Current City Hall Gallery Exhibit

"CONSCIOUSNESS: Making the Unseen Seen" - solo exhibit by Patti Andre

Prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant and colorful world of California-based life photography artist and portrait creator, Patti Andre. Her expansive body of work is a treasure trove of visual delight, encompassing an array of genres, each brimming with captivating subjects and creativity.

Her unique approach to digital image processing, composition, and ease with subjects continues to set her work apart from others. She begins with the ordinary, traversing the world and observing her surroundings. With an artist's eye, she produces visual imagery that ranges from story telling portraits to commercial and editorial masterpieces which either soothe your soul or set your spirit ablaze with a vibrant array of emotions.

Patti embraces a philosophy that art thrives on variety, ensuring every photograph she captures is a fresh adventure for both herself and her audience. As she aptly puts it, "I will never have one style of photography - it limits my creativity.” Her art invites each viewer to explore how a piece personally resonates, inspiring them to fall in love. 

Opening Reception Highlights

Thank you to everyone who joined us on November 18th for a vibrant and fun opening reception at Solana Beach City Hall Gallery!

Artist Statement

As an artist working in the fields of fine art, street and portrait photography, I find my inspiration in the captivating beauty of the world surrounding us. The energy that flows through the streets, the uniqueness of Mother Earth, the chaos of urban environments, and human diversity are all my creative fuel. Through my work, I aim to elicit a sense of awe, highlighting the inherent beauty, complexities, and joys of life. My ultimate goal is to capture the essence of my subjects, be it man or nature, preserving their unique stories and personalities for the world to witness. 

Evoking wonder and capturing the essence of my subjects is my intent and I invite you to feel that with me. If I have left you amazed and enthralled, I will know I have succeeded, and that together we have established a more meaningful bond between us and our world.


Photography has been my passion since I was 12. Starting with my dad, we bonded over watching images materialize from nothing in the darkroom. Capturing my heart forever.

Graduating with a BFA in photography from Art Center College of Design, I have spent countless hours, absorbed in the making of art, honing my skill, and creating my strong foundation of visual storytelling. 

Currently, my desire lies in sharing my art, not having it sit dormant on my computers, ensuring these photographic treasures find their permanent homes. My collection spans over 40 years, showcasing a rich tapestry of life as I perceive it, including portraiture, life events, corporate, editorial, fine art and travelscapes.  

I believe that the true essence of art lies in the vision of its creator. My aim and obsession is capturing fragments of our world within single moments, creating experiences both intimate and striking.  I hope my art brings a smile to your face, sparks your imagination, and establishes a deep connection within your heart. I want the narrative and the beauty that is radiated by my work to transform your day — much like the joy I experience and thrive on when taking and creating these images — which, to me, is the most magical process.

Blessings, Patti

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