Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Are cars speeding down your street? Would you like to slow them down? Are you willing to work with your neighbors? The City Council has approved a new Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. This program has a greatly expanded toolbox to deal with neighborhood various traffic concerns in all areas of the city.

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is a tool created to assist city staff in helping communities manage traffic through their neighborhoods. Managing traffic by changing driver behavior can help improve safety for drivers, as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

Due to the diverse road configurations throughout Solana Beach, devising an extensive program to manage neighborhood traffic has become a necessity to address community concerns regarding increased traffic volumes and excessive speeds. Solana Beach residential streets range from 40-plus feet wide with curb, gutter, and sidewalks to roads that are less than 26 feet wide, with no street improvements. Although both of these types of streets may have similar traffic issues, the tools necessary to address the neighborhood concerns may be drastically different.

Before a specific neighborhood traffic management plan can be implemented, specific issues must be addressed. First and most importantly, the specific neighborhood concern must be identified, such as: 

  • Is there excessive speeding through your neighborhood?
  • Do others use your street as a cut-through route to avoid congested areas?
  • Is it difficult to walk through your neighborhood due to concern for safety?
  • Are there an abundance of accidents at a particular location?

Once a concern is identified, it may be possible to address the issues through Stage 1 or Stage 2 measures.

Stage 1 measures are generally deterrents, relying on the driver to change their behavior. Click here for a table that lists all Stage 1 tools and a usage guide that lists areas where these tools are appropriate.

Stage 2 measures tend to make a driver change their behavior due to some physical device in the roadway. Click here for a table that lists all Stage 2 tools and a usage guide that lists areas where these tools are appropriate.

A full description of all Stage 1 and 2 tools are available as part of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

A flowchart has been established to help guide you through the Neighborhood Traffic Management process. Click here to view the Neighborhood Traffic Management process flowchart.

If you have a complaint, concern or just want to ask a question regarding traffic in your neighborhood or the city, please fill out a Community Action Request Form or contact the City of Solana Beach Engineering Department at (858) 720-2470.

Full Text of NTMP:

Remember, when on local residential streets PLEASE slow down.

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