Engineering Programs & Projects

Neighborhood Traffic Calming

Are cars speeding down your street? Would you like to slow them down? Are you willing to work with your neighbors? The City Council has approved a new Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Find out more

Speed Cushions in Residential Neighborhoods

Street and Highway Lighting

Our department oversees maintenance of the City's traffic control devices, including traffic signals and markings. Traffic signal maintenance is provided by a private company and a private traffic engineering firm assists the City with technical issues.

To report a problem, please contact Public Works at (858)720-2470 or send an email Find out more about the City's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

Utility Underground Districts

Utility undergrounding is the process of placing all overhead utilities (electric, telephone, and cable TV wires) and electrical facilities such as transformers underground. Streetlights are also replaced with standard concrete composite poles.

Sewer Maintenance & Service

In compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act requirements, the City maintains the sanitary sewer system. The City's sewage is pumped to the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility in Cardiff for treatment and disposal. The treatment facility supplies reclaimed water for landscape irrigation and industrial applications. The City has developed a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) to detail how the City's sewer system collection system is operated and maintained. A link to this document can be found below. 

A private contractor, under contract with the City of Solana Beach, provides routine cleaning of the public sewer mains. All public sewers are cleaned at least once a year using high-pressure jetting and/or mechanical rodding. Problem sewers are cleaned up to four times annually. Root intrusion and grease buildup are the primary culprits of sewer backups. 

Sewer service charges are billed annually on the County property tax bill. The charge is determined based upon a user classification or category. Sewer service is not determined by water usage. The City Council, upon review of operating expenses and staff recommendations, determines the annual sewer fees each year.

For more information on sewer service charges, sewer hook-up fees and other sewer related questions, please call the Public Works Department at (858)720-2470, or send an email.

Septic systems are permitted and inspected by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health.  For more information on septic systems, please call (858)565-5173 or visit their website and look for the link to Septic Systems. 

Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)

What not to flush down the toilet 

Protecting your pipes and the Environment 

Pharmaceuticals and the Environment 

Programs & Projects

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Storm Water Program

Other City Projects