Safety Tips for Enjoying Solana Beach's Newly Enhanced Shoreline

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Date: Mar 14 , 2024

The recent sand replenishment project has bestowed upon Solana Beach the largest and widest beach in North County, offering a magnificent environment for relaxation and recreation. However, there are important considerations for beachgoers to be aware of with our new beach.

Spring brings the most dangerous swimming conditions, characterized by large inshore holes and troughs formed during winter storms, resulting in hazardous rip currents. The newly placed sand has intensified these risks, as the steeper beach slope quickly drops off into the ocean, leaving swimmers unable to touch the bottom within a few yards from shore.

This phenomenon also causes waves to break directly onto the shore, posing risks for body surfers and families with small children. Additionally, rip currents may form closer to shore than before, underscoring the importance of consulting lifeguards for safe swimming areas. Over time, the beach will gradually level as natural forces distribute the sand and reshape the ocean bottom.

Solana Beach Lifeguards also highlight the dangers of digging large holes at the beach. While there is plenty of sand to dig, deep holes can be life-threatening, with collapses causing fatalities annually. To mitigate these risks, adhere to the rule of keeping holes shallow and filling them before leaving the beach. Leaving holes increases the risk of injury and poses a danger, especially to small children.

Our new beach offers an incredible experience, and we encourage everyone to enjoy it. Lifeguards are present to ensure everyone's safety and provide guidance on safe swimming areas. We are always happy to show you where the safest areas are to swim or answer any questions you may have. As summer approaches, we eagerly anticipate seeing everyone having fun on the best beach in San Diego County.

Please contact the Marine Safety Department for more information at (858) 720-4444.