Rainy Days Call for Mosquito Prevention: Standing Water Checks and Aerial Larvicide

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Date: Aug 23 , 2023

Add checking for and dumping out standing water to your after-rain checklist! Many items will have collected water over the weekend, so make sure to clear out any drains that may be clogged with debris and dump out containers, potted plant saucers, trash, or yard items that have water in them! Standing water can become an unsuspected mosquito breeding ground if left for too long. It takes about a week for mosquitoes to grow from larvae to adult so dump out water weekly or fill with a fine sand/gravel to help keep mosquitoes away!

Getting rid of mosquito-breeding sites is critical to lowering the number of mosquitoes in our community. A mosquito only needs a tiny bottle cap-size pool of water to lay up to 300 eggs, which is why removing standing water is critical.

Some useful mosquito (and other vectors) information can be found on the County of San Diego’s vector control website and useful fact sheets on preventing mosquito breeding and protecting against mosquito bites can be found here.

Learn more at SDFightTheBite.com.