Measure S: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Measure S & Solana Beach’s November Municipal Election

What is Measure S?

Measure S – the Solana Beach Streets, Parks, Beaches and Services Measure – is a proposed locally controlled one cent sales tax (one penny per one dollar spent) measure to appear on the November Municipal Election ballot.

If enacted, Measure S could provide funding to address priorities identified by City residents in a community survey earlier this year, such as maintaining local streets and repairing potholes, storm drains, and other infrastructure, keeping trash and pollution out of local waterways and off our beaches, keeping neighborhoods, parks, and other public areas safe and clean.

Would Measure S provide funding for public safety services?

Yes, if enacted, Measure S funding could be used for public safety services including providing quick response to 911 emergencies, fire protection and paramedic services, managing traffic congestion and reducing property related crimes and theft.

Would Measure S funding be locally controlled?

Yes, currently, a significant percentage of the sales tax generated in Solana Beach goes to the state, County or SANDAG. If enacted, Measure S could provide the City of Solana Beach with additional local funding allowing the City local control of those funds for City services.

How could Measure S fix our streets and roads?

The City maintains over 46 miles of roads within Solana Beach. If enacted, Measure S funding could allow the City to fund additional repair and maintenance of streets and sidewalks, storm drains and public facilities. 

Does Measure S address storm drain maintenance needs?

Yes, many of the City’s storm drainpipes were installed more than 50 years ago and proper maintenance helps to prevent failure, potential for sink holes, flooding and landslides that damage streets and private properties. If enacted, Measure S would provide additional funding to replace and maintain our storm drains.

What else is on Solana Beach’s November 8th ballot?

On the November 8th ballot voters will also have the opportunity to elect City Councilmembers for Districts 2 and 4.

Where can I find more information on Measure S and our local election?

For more information on Measure S and Solana Beach’s November 8th Municipal Election visit:

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