Sign & Special Event Banner Permits

Whether you are installing a permanent sign on your commercial property, would like to set up a temporary sign, or would like to hang banners for a special event, you will need to apply for Sign Permit. 

To apply for a sign permit, please submit a completed Sign Permit Application and a PDF of the plans to Planning Staff will follow up with instructions for payment.

Here is a Sign Permit Application Guide to help you complete the application.

Permanent Signs 

It is the intent of the City to establish a comprehensive system for the regulation of all signs within the city (SBMC 17.64).

The city recognizes the need of signs to identify businesses and property within the community. The city also recognizes that signing is an important design element of the physical environment which serves to express both the owner of a sign and the community. Regulations consistent with community goals and objectives are necessary to ensure both individual expression and an attractive community character.

It is the purpose of these regulations to enhance the aesthetic nature of the community by eliminating visual clutter, while permitting effective communication by owners and occupants of property. In so doing, it is anticipated that these regulations will contribute to the economic stability of the city and its overall attractiveness to residents, visitors and businesses.

B. Specifically, the purposes of the City's sign regulations is to:

1. Protect the general public health, safety and welfare of the community;

2. Reduce possible traffic and safety hazards through reduced sign clutter, and elimination of unauthorized signs in the public right-of-way;

3. Maximize public convenience through appropriate identification and directional signs;

4. Minimize the visual and lighting impacts of business signs to adjacent residential neighborhoods;

5. Encourage signs and graphics which are well designed, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate to their intended context;

6. Ensure that permitted signs contribute to a high quality visual environment constituent with community values;

7. Protect and enhance the visual quality of designated scenic highways and other areas located within the scenic area overlay zone; and

8. Enhance the economic value of the community. (Ord. 140 § 1, 1991)

Temporary & Special Event Banners

SBMC 17.64.055 states the following:

Temporary and special event banners shall be allowed only as follows:

A. Banners may not exceed one square foot for each linear foot of building frontage, and not exceed 32 square feet in area.

B. Such banners shall be displayed for a consecutive period not to exceed 14 days, for a maximum period of 30 days per year, with the exception of grand opening banners which may be displayed for a period not to exceed 60 days. Grand opening banners may begin display not later than two months past the start of the business operations, nor more than two months before the anticipated opening. Only one grand opening banner shall be permitted for the life of the business. A subsequent grand opening banner may be permitted when business ownership has transferred to another owner.

C. Such banners shall be wind and water resistant and be securely fastened.

D. Such banners shall be consistent with the standards of this chapter as to location, height and type.

E. Applicants for such banners must apply for, and have approved, a sign permit.

(Ord. 173 § 4, 1993)


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