The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining, repairing and improving public facilities including streets, sewers, storm drains, streetlights, traffic signals and public parks. You will often see members of the Public Works crew helping at special City events.

If you see a problem that you would like the City to address, we encourage you to download the City of Solana Beach app where you can report problems from the exact geo location that you spot the problem.  Or you may also call (858) 720-2470.

Some common problems that residents report include: Pot Holes, Graffiti, Animal Control Issues, Dead Animals, Traffic Signal, Street Lights, Stormwater runoff, Trash & Debris, Sewer Spills, Overgrown Vegetation.

Here is some more information about common topics addressed by Public Works:

Graffiti Abatement

Solana Beach enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in Southern California and a zero tolerance toward gangs and graffiti is part of that crime prevention effort.Anyone who witnesses an act of graffiti or sees graffiti in the City is asked to report it. If possible, the Encinitas Sheriffs graffiti specialists recommend that you document the incident with a photograph and report the location so it can be removed as quickly as possible.

The Solana Beach Graffiti Hotline number is (858)720-4457. All information provided to the Graffiti Hotline is confidential. 

If the graffiti is on private property it is your responsibility to paint over it, however you may request that the Public Works Department to do so for you.  Please review this form for more information: Graffiti Removal Authorization Form.

Park Maintenance

City crews and contract personnel maintain Fletcher Cove and La Colonia Park, including the cleaning of restrooms and special cleaning projects on an as-needed basis. For issues with Park Maintenance contact the Public Works Department at (858) 720-2470 or

Public Facilities

City crews and contract personnel maintain City Hall, La Colonia Park Community Center, and Fletcher Cove Community Center. If you know of any issues with City facilities contact the Public Works Department at (858) 720-2470 or

Road Maintenance

City crews and contract personnel perform routine street and right-of-way maintenance. In-house crews are responsible for the following: maintain streets, shoulders, concrete curbs and gutters; install and replace information and regulatory signs; minor tree and shrub trimming; clean and repair storm drain facilities and channels; and provide emergency response services including pothole repair, as well as small street patching contracts. Call (858)720-2470 to report any street maintenance concerns or request pothole repair or send an email to the Public Works Supervisor

Sewer Maintenance

A private contractor, under contract with the City of Solana Beach, provides routine cleaning of the public sewer mains. All public sewers are cleaned at least once a year using high-pressure jetting and/or mechanical rodding. Problem sewers are cleaned up to four times annually. Root intrusion and grease buildup are the primary culprits of sewer backups. 

For more information on sewer service charges, sewer hook-up fees and other sewer related questions, please call the Public Works Department at (858)720-2470, or send an email.

Septic systems are permitted and inspected by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health.  For more information on septic systems, please call (858)565-5173 or visit their website and look for the link to Septic Systems. 

What not to flush down the toilet 

Protecting your pipes and the Environment 

Pharmaceuticals and the Environment 

Street Sweeping

The City contracts out street sweeping services. All streets are swept at least once a month and the major roads are swept more frequently. The City requests that residents park off their street on the respective street sweeping days as it is more difficult and less effective if cars are parked in the street.

Street Sweeping Schedule