Utility Box Wrap Program

The Solana Beach Master Art Policy (MAP) aspires to enhance the aesthetic qualities of Solana Beach while creating an atmosphere that nurtures, enhances, and encourages art. The MAP aims to develop public art programs and projects that represents a wide range of artistic styles and disciplines through a process that encourages community dialogue and involvement. All these actions will help identify Solana Beach as a community committed to art and culture.

2022 Call for Artists

The City is seeking out artists to propose conceptualize art wrap designs for utility and traffic signal boxes. The program aims to wrap seven (7) utility and traffic signal boxes at six (6) different locations within our community. If chosen, the artist will receive a $450 stipend for each box art wrap design selected.

All proposals must be received by the city no later than Monday, August 15, 2022 at 5:30 PM PST. Please submit the following as part of your proposal:

  • Completed Application
  • Image of Proposed Artwork – see Q&A below for requirements.
  • Artists may only submit one proposed piece of artwork per application

Click the button below to submit your proposal. Read on for questions and answers about the program requirements.

For more information on the program and requirements, please contact Kayla Moshki at (858) 720-2438 or kmoshki@cosb.org.  

Questions and Answers

What kinds of projects will be considered?

Artwork must be unique, original work and scaled/configured to be successfully applied to the multiple faces of a utility box or traffic signal box(es). Any artwork that can be transferred to a two-dimensional, multi-sided format will be considered. Artwork will be installed in a public place and must be suitable for viewing by all ages.

What does a complete application include?
  1. Completed cover sheet.
  2. An image that shows the proposed art or a diagram or collection of images that shows how the proposed art will be displayed on the five sides. Please refer to the Utility Box Wrap Layout Template that provides a diagram of box sides. Please provide in JPEG format. 
  3. Artists may submit up to three (3) designs for consideration. Each design must be submitted as a separate and complete application.
  4. Brief artist statement describing the design intent. If proposing a specific location, explain how the artwork relates to the context of the proposed location (proposing a specific location is optional and at the discretion of the artist). The City cannot confirm a specific location will be provided.
  5. Artist biography and/or resume, maximum 2 pages total (optional).
Where are the utility boxes located?

A map of the seven (7) utilities boxes can be viewed below. A google map of the selected utility boxes may be viewed by clicking here.

  1. Lomas Santa Fe Drive in front of HomeGoods
  2. Lomas Santa Fe Drive & Solana Hills
  3. Lomas Santa Fe Drive & Stevens Ave
  4. Solana Beach Fire Station (Bigger Box)
  5. Solana Beach Fire Station (Smaller Box)
  6. Lomas Santa Fe Drive & South Cedros Ave
  7. Coastal Rail Trail across from Holiday Inn

Can the artists select a preferred box location?

Artists may, but are not required to, specify a preferred box location. If identifying a specific location, artists are encouraged to consider the context of the location and describe how a proposed artwork responds to the context of the specific location. The City will consider locations proposed by artists but retains the right to locate any artwork at any potential locations.

If proposing a design for a specific location, please note the location number designated on the utility box map.

What are the specifications for the boxes?

The utility boxes and City signal boxes within Solana Beach vary in size and shape. Artists should consider the size of utility box faces when proposing artwork. Please note, box identification stickers will be reinstalled after wrap installation.

Following are examples of utility boxes and city signal boxes.


When submitting the design, please refer to the Utility Box Wrap Layout Template that provides a diagram of box sides.

What are the technical requirements?
  • Artists must be familiar with the layout of a box wrap (five sides) and artwork must lend itself to reproduction in this format.
  • Changes to the design may be required to accommodate site-specific requirements.
  • If an artist proposes a preferred location, the proposed location of art box shall be noted in the application.
Will a stipend be provided?

Yes. The artist will receive a $450 stipend per utility box art wrap design selected. The stipend is exclusive of costs to design the artwork wrap.

What is the installation process?

The City is retaining the services of a local company to print and install the art wraps. The City’s installation contractor will also assist with the conversion of artwork to an appropriately scaled and configured design for wrap production. The City may assist with high-resolution photographs of artwork.

What is the selection process?

Projects will be evaluated and selected by the Solana Beach Public Arts Commission and City Staff. Review criteria include:

  • Artistic merit, creativity, quality and clarity of approach to this project.
  • Demonstration that artwork will present well in utility box configuration.
  • Completeness of application submittal.
  • Appropriateness for proposed location, if specific location is proposed.
What is the schedule?
  • Artist Call Open: July 1, 2022
  • Application Deadline: August 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM PST
  • Juried Selection: August 23, 2022
  • Artist(s) Notification by City: August 31, 2022
Will the artists be recognized?

The City wishes to support and promote local artists. To that end, an artist acknowledgment will be placed on the installation unless the artist chooses to forego such recognition. The City will also highlight selected work on the City website and on any future Solana Beach Arts website or webpage. 

What are the terms of the Utility Box Wrap Program?
  1. All entries must be the original design and artwork of the applicant. Entries that use a copyrighted or trademarked image will not be accepted. Entries must not be plagiarized, stolen, or copied. Artists may submit art that is owned by the artist; the art concept does not have to be original solely for this call for art. 
  2. Artwork created under this program is considered temporary artwork and the property of the City of Solana Beach. The City retains the right to remove, modify, or replace artwork at its discretion.
  3. The artist’s name, artwork title, and photo of artwork may be featured on the City of Solana Beach website and other promotional materials.
  4. The City of Solana Beach retains sole authority to determine which, if any, art box designs will be installed and the locations of where each artwork will be installed.
  5. Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Solana Beach Public Arts Commission and City Staff.


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