What is the principal cause of sewer backups?

Most of the time, sewer backups are due to tree roots that grow into and clog the lines.

Who owns the sewer line from my property line to the street?

You own it. Before altering or repairing it, please call the Solana Beach Sanitation Department/Engineering Department at (858)720-2470.

Will the City of Solana Beach Sanitation District fix my sewer backup problem?

We occasionally receive calls for this service. We would like to help, but the District maintains only the main sewer lines in the street. Property owners are responsible for the building lateral, which connects your residence or business to the main line in the street.

How can I avoid sewer backup problems?

There are simple measures you can take to maintain your sewer line in optimum condition.

Don't pour grease down your drains.

Dispose of grease with your trash.

Snake Your Line to Remove Roots, But Call Us Before Doing It. Call a reputable plumber if you have clogged lines. If the plumber snakes your line, call us first so we can catch the root ball as it is pushed into the main sewer. This will prevent sewer overflows that could backflow to your home.

No Teddy Bears in the toilet. Make sure to remind the kids that large items (teddy bears, diapers, toy cars, etc.) don't belong down the toilet. Sometimes this is the problem.

Identify where the cleanouts (access points) to your sewer line are and keep them accessible in case a plumber needs to access them. Typically, they are near the house in a garden area, in the driveway, or possibly even in the garage.


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