Safe Routes To School

What is Safe Routes to School?

Safe Routes to School is a nation-wide program that aims to create safer conditions around schools, and to encourage students, parents, and school staff to walk, bike, or roll to school. The City of Solana Beach, in partnership with the local Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, and the local Boys and Girls Club, has kicked off its own Solana Beach Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Plan. Be a part of the upcoming efforts to let kids live a healthy and active life!

Not a parent or a student? We want to make safe routes for everyone in the community! By starting with children and their trip to school, communities become safe places to walk, bike, or roll.  Residents who do not have children but live near schools are encouraged to complete our online reporting tool to share where it is difficult to walk or bike in their neighborhood.

How Will Your School Benefit?

The goal of the SRTS program is to identify issues and equip parents, the City, and school staff with various tools to address them. More specifically you will receive the following:

  • SRTS Workshop: SRTS workshop will give you a forum to learn about Safe Routes to School and a forum to share your ideas with us.
  • Public Workshops at City Council: City Council Workshops are a part of the public hearing process and will give an opportunity for public comment.
  • School Site Assessment Report: Each school will receive a set of specific recommendations to improve safety, walkability, and bikeability.
  • Safer Streets: The City of Solana Beach and the local schools are committed to working together to improve safety around our schools.
  • Safer Routes to School Walking Maps: Each school will get its own walking route map

Safety is Everyone’s Business!

Everyone has a role to play. There will be several activities organized during the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 school years, including:

  • School Based Mobility Assessments : You know your school best! Come walk around your school with us, so we can understand barriers and challenges to walking and biking. School staff, parent/caregivers, and others who cannot make the walk can also fill out a survey online to help us identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Parent Surveys: Do you walk, bike, or roll to school? Whether you do or not, we want to hear about your concerns and about improvements that would make you more comfortable walking and biking on the way to and from school. Please complete our two online surveys. Complete our online reporting tool to identify concerns at specific locations or complete our parent survey to tell us how your student travels to school.
  • Show off your SRTS spirit at your school: Participate as a school in the Safe Routes to School Program to win fun prizes!
  • Workshops/Outreach Events: Come say hello to our team at workshops/outreach events and share your knowledge and experience regarding safety and mobility around your school. A schedule of events will be posted under “Upcoming Events”. These events will also publicized through e-blasts and City’s social media platforms.
  • Become a SRTS Champion: SRTS will provide a better school environment and increase quality of life for everyone. We need local champions to talk about the project and play an active role to make recommendations a reality.

View the Final Safe Routes to School study. 

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