Solana Beach Community Opinion Survey

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Date: Jun 09 , 2022

Thank you to all the residents that recently completed our Community Opinion Survey! 
It was such great to news to hear that over 95% of residents highly value the quality of life here in Solana Beach.
In order to continue to provide the level of service residents expect and deserve -- as part of this year’s budget process we wanted to make sure to reflect the City services and priorities that you rely on the most.

As part of the survey, residents identified the following City service priorities:

  • Maintaining local streets and repair potholes
  • Providing quick responses to 911 emergencies
  • Providing fire protection and paramedic services
  • Repairing and maintaining public buildings and infrastructure including sidewalks, curbs and storm drains
  • Keeping trash and pollution out of local waterways and off our beaches
  • Keeping neighborhoods, parks, beaches and public areas safe and clean
  • Making improvements to roads and intersections to better manage traffic congestion on streets
  • Reducing property related crimes and theft

We’ve heard from you how important it is to keep local control over own funding to maintain local economic stability in Solana Beach to provide City services. 
Please take a moment to include your feedback on City services by taking a quick survey: Community Opinion Survey

We look forward to hearing your feedback and keeping you updated on our local City services.

Community Opinion Survey Mailer

Community Opinion Survey Presentation by True North Research

Summary of Research Findings