Enrollment will open to everyone starting at 9 AM on Monday, February 27th. All registrations will be done online by the customer themselves. For a “how-to guide” on online registration, More information, please check out the Registration page.

Policies & Consent Forms

Cancellation Policy

Waiver Consent Form

Participant Medication Policy

Drop Off & Pick Up

All Junior Lifeguards meet on the beach approximately ½ mile south of Fletcher Cove, just north of the base of the stairs at the Seascape Public access. The access is as stairway located at 501 S. Sierra Ave. Older Junior Lifeguards may access the beach via Fletcher Cove and walk south, tide permitting.  

The drop off / pick up location for younger lifeguards is at the public parking lot across the street and south of the Seascape Public Access.  We use the public lot next to the Fit Gym parking lot. Please do not use the Fit Gym lot as this disrupts their business practices and may jeopardize our use of the public lot.  Please follow the flow of traffic as directed by our staff to ensure the safety and efficiency of the process.  


We will be continuing our Solana Beach Junior Lifeguard Scholarship Program, but we will be follow rigid guidelines to ensure fairness. We are awarding scholarships on a need basis. More information, please check out the Scholarships page.

Swim Test Requirements

We would still like to communicate the need for proficient swimming skills for each participant. If your child is not a proficient ocean swimmer, please look into private swim lessons to get your child up to speed. We have listed the requirements for prior year’s swimming test criteria below; please try to match these skills in your own setting.

Each child enrolled in our program MUST have proficient swimming abilities with and "overhand" swim stroke. Please use the typical swim test requirements table below to gauge your ability for our program.

Swim Lessons

The Boys and Girls Club also offers a wide variety of swim lessons, including a “Junior Lifeguard Prep” class specifically designed to prepare your children to pass the swim test. For more information on swim lessons click here or call (858) 755-4904.

Swim Test Requirements

  Distance Swim Underwater Tread Water
Grom (ages 7-8) 50 yds in 2:30 None None
JG (ages 9-11) 100 yds in 3:00 5 yds 3 minutes
JG (ages 12-13) 100 yds in 2:45 5 yds 3 minutes
JG (ages 14-16) 100 yds in 2:30 5 yds 3 minutes